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The Severin Films Podcast

May 25, 2021

Severin is so excited to introduce the quinqui genre of films to a brand new audience with a whole SLEW of bluray debuts! The films of Eloy De La Iglesia take over your august. Brand new release of the infamous video nasty CANNIBAL MAN... including the must-see EXTENDED CUT of the film that has never been released on bluray.

Followed by an in-depth interview with Kier-La Janisse to help break down our triple feature of his juvenile delinquent films! NAVAJEROS, EL PICO and EL PICO 2 all of which are making their way to the states for the first time. 

And not to go... OVERBOARD, but we have a brand new bluray of the Kurt Russell/Goldie Hawn classic gracing our shelves! All this and more in this installment of the Severin Films Podcast!